How Does HST Work on the Purchase of Real Estate?

There is a big misunderstand on how HST effects the cost of purchasing a home.  The most important hings to understand: There is no HST charged on the purchase of a resale home or condo!

That means, whatever the sale price of the home is agreed on there is no tax in addition to the price.  If you agree on $200,000, the cost of the home is $200,000.  Many people believe they would pay 13% on top of that ($26,000!) and that is not the case.

However it is important to note that if you are building a new home (primary residence) there is HST on the purchase price, however there are rebates to offset the the taxes under a $400,000 sale price.

The only HST that is applied during the sale of a home is on those services provided.  That includes: lawyer fees, moving expenses, real estate commissions, home inspections and other services you may require.

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Here is a chart provided by the Canadian Government

Home Purchases

GST-taxable before July 1, 2010 PST-taxable before July 1,2010 Is there a change to the amount of tax payable under the HST?

New Homes up to $400,000 5% No PST No change
New Homes over $400,000 5% No PST Yes
Resale Homes No GST No PST No HST
Real Estate Commissions 5% No PST Yes (changes to 13%)


The new housing rebate will be 75 per cent of the Ontario component of the HST, up to a maximum of $24,000. The rebate will ensure that buyers of homes priced up to $400,000 will, on average, pay no more tax than under the PST system. However, applicable PST on building supplies is embedded in the price of the home.


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